For vehicles outside of the manufacturers warranty period we offer 3 levels of fixed price menu servicing (see below).  These prices include up to 5 litres of the correct grade of oil specified for your car, with any amount over this being charged separately. Due to hugely variable, and increasingly long recommended intervals, we have not included spark plugs (petrol engines) or fuel filters (mostly diesel engines) in these prices. We can advise on the recommended requirements for these items and quote accordingly on a case by case basis. If your vehicle does not require a service, but you would like some peace of mind, we offer a safety check priced at £30 which covers most of the checks carried out during the interim service, but without changing the oil and oil filter.

If your vehicle is still within the manufacturers warranty, we can also service your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule. In these cases we will need a few minutes to give you an accurate price, as we will be using genuine parts. Please email or call us with your vehicle details and requirements, and we will be happy to quote and advise.

We offer brake fluid changes, pollen filter changes, air conditioning anti bacterial refresh treatment and fuel system additive treatment (all included with the major service), as well as coolant changes, cambelt replacements, engine flushing, air conditioning servicing and MOT repairs.

Car and light van service menu:

Service prices inclusive of VAT at 20%: Interim: from £65, Full: from £120, Major: from £190. Please remember to leave your locking wheel bolt key in an easily accessible place for our technicians.

Safety Interim Full Major
Service Preparation
Check other service component intervals and report x x x
Check dashboard warning lights x x x x
Check exterior lighting, horn and wipers x x x x
Check windscreen, mirrors and number plates x x x x
Road Test
Add fuel injection system cleaner additive to fuel tank x
Check seat belts where easily accessible x x
Check brake servo function x x
Check brakes for judder, pulling and noise x x
Check steering function and free play x x
Check operation of drive train x x
Check heater and air conditioning function x x
Engine Bay
Replace air filter and clean out housing x x
Check/top up power steering fluid where applicable x x
Check electric cooling fan for seizure x x
Replace engine oil, filter and sump bung washer x x x
Check auxiliary drive belt condition and tension x x x x
Check coolant/radiator cap seal x x x x
Check antifreeze strength of coolant and report x x x x
Top up coolant if required (antifreeze chargeable) x x x x
Top up screenwash reservoir x x x x
Carry out 12 volt battery test x x x x
Check/top up brake and clutch fluid where applicable x x x x
Check for obvious coolant leaks x x x x
Check for excessive oil leaks x x x x
Check condition and security of engine undertray x x x x
Fuel System
Check fuel filler cap security and seal condition x x
Visual inspection of fuel lines x x
Drive and braking (some items subject to locking wheel nut key being supplied)
Replace brake fluid x
Adjust parking brake free play x
Check transmission units for fluid leaks x x
Measure brake disc thickness/compare to specification x x
Check brake calipers for leaks and security x x
Check foot brake shoes for wear or damage x x
Check foot brake drums for wear and damage x x
Check wheel cylinders for leaks and seizure x x
Visual inspection of brake hydraulic components x x
Inspect parking brake cables, lubricate balance linkage x x
Check drive shaft gaiters for security and leaks x x x x
Visual inspection of brake discs for wear and corrosion x x x x
Check brake pads for wear x x x x
Steering and Suspension
Check power steering wiring or pipes and hoses x x
Check wheel bearings for excess play or noise x x
Inspect exhaust system and mounts x x
Check steering components for wear/leaks/corrosion x x
Check suspension components for wear/leaks/corrosion x x
Check steering and suspension gaiters x x
Wheels and Tyres
Remove road wheels (if locking adapter supplied) x x
Check tyre condition, size and orientation x x
Clean hub faces, refit wheels, torque as specified x x
Check tyre tread depth x x x x
Check tyre pressures including spare x x x x
Internal and General
Replace pollen filter x
Anti bacterial air conditioning refresh treatment x
Check and lubricate door latches and hinges x x
Reset service interval indicator x x x
Stamp service book/update digital record if possible x x x
Fit or update service/MOT/Tax reminder sticker x x x x

Additional service items (we can advise on the recommended intervals).

Spark plug replacement. £POA
Most modern petrol powered cars have intervals between 40000 to 60000 miles.
Fuel filter replacement. £POA
Most modern diesel powered cars have intervals between 40000 to 60000 miles.
Pollen filter change (This is included in our major service). £POA
Pollen filters (also called cabin filters or microfilters) are often neglected, but should be changed regularly. If your heating/ventilation system seems ineffective, it probably requires a new filter. Most recommended intervals are 20000 to 40000 miles or every 1 to 2 years.
Brake Fluid Change (This is included in our major service). £40 inc VAT
Almost all manufacturers recommend brake fluid replacement every 2 years, regardless of mileage, due to the degradation of the fluid due to moisture absorption.
Coolant change. £45 inc VAT
Manufacturers recommendations vary widely for this. The anti corrosion properties of the antifreeze degrade over time. Modern hybrid and electric cars are particularly sensitive to this due to the delicate nature of the cooled components, and they tend to have more than one cooling system too. Price (per cooling system) includes environmentally safe disposal of the old coolant.
Cambelt replacement. £POA
If cambelt intervals are exceeded, you are risking sudden catastrophic engine failure. Manufacturers recommendations vary for this, we are happy to advise at time of service.
Fuel additives (This is included in our major service).
Fuel additives clean your fuel system, improving emissions, performance and economy. We also offer targeted additives which can help repair or prevent certain engine, transmission or steering malfunctions.
Diesel Fuel system cleaner additive. £12 inc VAT
Petrol Fuel system cleaner additive. £12 inc VAT
Air conditioning Anti Bacterial Treatment (This is included in our major service).
Air conditioning Refresh/cleaner helps remove unpleasant odours from your ventilation system and vehicle interior by killing the bacteria that causes them.
Refresh Aircon Cleaner. £15 inc VAT
Air conditioning Re-Gas.
If your air conditioning is no longer as cold as it should be it is probably low on gas. We can check and re-gas your air conditioning and we can also service vehicles with the new R1234yf refrigerant.
Air conditioning Re-gas. From £60 inc VAT