Air Conditioning

Your vehicle air conditioning does more than just cool your vehicle. It also cleans the air entering the passenger compartment, helping to remove dust, pollen, pollutants and moisture. The latter is of great benefit when de-misting in winter.

Air conditioning service

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend air conditioning systems are serviced every 2 years. Over time some gas is lost from the system resulting in a loss of efficiency. We can check your air conditioning system for faults, airflow and efficiency. We will then recover and recycle any gas left in the system, check for leaks and refill with the correct amount of refrigerant, adding a leak detection dye to make locating any future leaks easier.

If the system is found to have a major leak or fault we can investigate this and advise accordingly.

There are currently two types of refrigerant gas in common use in vehicle air conditioning. R134A has been in use since the early 90s, but is now being phased out in favour of the more expensive, but much more environmentally friendly R1234yf. Most new models introduced from 2011 will use R1234yf. Your owners handbook should tell you the type of refrigerant used in your vehicle, alternatively, there is usually a sticker under the bonnet showing the type & weight of refrigerant used. Failing this we can identify which refrigerant is required.


R134A Air conditioning service                           £60 inc VAT (includes up to 500 grams of refrigerant).

R1234yf  Air conditioning service.           from  £110 inc VAT (includes up to 500 grams of refrigerant).

Note: prices correct at time of writing, however the price of refrigerant is constantly increasing (particularly R134A as it is phased out), and we reserve the right to pass on these costs. We recommend confirming pricing at time of booking. The cost of re-gassing an empty system following repair is likely to be higher due to the increased quantity of gas used.

Air conditioning Treatment

Air conditioning Refresh/cleaner helps remove unpleasant odours from your ventilation system and vehicle interior by killing the bacteria that causes them.

Refresh Air conditioning Cleaner                                             £12.50+VAT

Pollen/Cabin filter replacement

Pollen filter replacement is an often forgotten service item. As well as restricting airflow into the cabin a blocked filter can put additional strain on the heater blower motor, in some cases causing premature failure, or even overheating/fire. We can advise and quote on a replacement if you require.